Fun and engaging events for kids where they are introduced to internet safety, privacy and learn how to responsibly use the technology around them.


HackingTracks organizes hackatons – 2-3-hour long events – during which children learn about the basics of cybersecurity, programming, coding and how certain technologies work. 

The events are organized in the form of workshops during which children learn through enjoyable and easy to understand projects – we use the learn-by-doing method  which allows them to interact and engage in the activities.

For children age 9-12

Kids learn the importance of privacy and online security which are fundamental in a world with a constant exchange of information. We promote responsibility in using the internet and the variety of software they have access to. The kids learn all this during fun and engaging events!

For teenagers age 13-17

The majority of teenagers owns a smartphone with hundreds of apps installed on it. During a hackaton they learn the ideology hidden behind the software they use and the consequences of not using them responsibly.

At HackingTracks they learn how to responsibly navigate the internet and gain a range of skills – from computer-based art and design through technical IT security.


The mission of Hackingtracks is to educate children and teenagers on internet security and privacy and the responsible use of technology around them so they become more conscious Digital Citizens.

The students take part in fun activities during which they develop their creativity as well as organizational and problem solving skills.

What we believe in

Today, children and young people are “digital natives“, that is to say, from an early age they are faced with all types of technology, tablets, phones, laptops and devices with high powered and complex abilities.

Is using these devices without any sort of guidance sufficient for them to have a positive and informed impact on the technological changes to come?

The answer is probably not, because young people are too often confined to the role of passive users who master interfaces but can’t modify them. So who are we and what can we provide for your child?

Frequently asked questions

What are the topics of the events?

During our events our participants will learn about a number of topics – ranging from programming, robotics, artificial intelligence, design thinking, digital citizenship, cybersecurity, personal data and risk assessment to network game workshops and 3D printing.

How many topics are taught during a single event?

Each event covers a specific topic which connects to the future events. Each event is unique and designed with this in mind.

How much time do the events take?

A typical hackathon is 2-3 hours long.

Where and when are they held?

Our events take place in a variety of locations in Spain. Please visit the event registration page for the places and dates of the upcoming events.

How can I be informed about the upcoming events?

Please fill in the information form (link to a form) and we will provide you with the details of upcoming HackingTrack events.

Parents, whose children have already attended our events will be informed about the upcoming events by email.

How much does it cost?

Hackathon cost is based on location, size, and technology that is being used. They range from analogue and low-tech to high-tech Hackathons with a wide range of robots, 3d Printers and Drones.

What are the group sizes?

The number of participiants depends on the topic of the hackaton and the facilities available for a particular event.

Can my child go to a hackaton even though it hasn’t been on the previous ones?

Absolutely! The topics of the Hackatons vary so the kids find something new and interesting at each event. The different activities and the educational element of the events will keep kids entertained throughout all the events.

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